Baby kidnapped while gran unpacked shopping from her car is found safe
Posted by  badge  on Apr 30
Police located a three-month-old baby boy who was kidnapped in broad daylight (Pictures :San Jose Police Department)

Police have found a from an apartment as his grandmother unloaded groceries from her car outside in broad daylight.

Cops located the infant, Brandon Cuellar, on Tuesday.

San Jose Police Department said: ‘Baby Brandon will be taken to a local hospital as a precaution but he has been located alive. A million thank you’s to all who assisted.’

Police had been looking for a man who kidnapped the baby on Monday afternoon from a home on the 1000 block of Elm Street in San Jose, California.

Three people have been arrested.

Cops earlier told reporters that they had detained a woman as ‘a person of interest’ due to inconsistent information in her statements about the incident. Officials later would not comment on whether the woman was among the three people detained.

The woman who was taken into custody was with the grandmother before she was abducted by a man who remains unknown, San Jose Police Sgt Christian Camarillo said on Tuesday.

‘This was a person who was with the grandmother yesterday when they went shopping, she was present at the apartment complex when this happened,’ Camarillo said. ‘There have been some inconsistencies with what she has told us. Obviously, drawing our attention to what she knows about this.’

The suspect was described as a Hispanic man wearing black pants, a dark blue shirt, gray shoes, a gray baseball cap and a black mask. The baby’s family said they did not recognize him.

Brandon was in a black baby carrier with a white blanket. He was wearing a white onesie with a dinosaur.

The California Highway Patrol early Tuesday released a description of a car possibly used by the suspect, but the police department later stated that it could not ‘confirm any information regarding a CHP tweet about a possible suspect vehicle involved in the child abduction case’.

Camarillo said that Brandon’s mother was working at the time he was kidnapped, and that his father is in jail.

‘Dad right now is out of the picture. He is incarcerated. I don’t know, you know, whether that is going to play into this, but obviously we are going to talk to him soon,’ Camarillo said. It’s unclear why the father is in jail.’


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