Heart-stopping moment woman saved after collapsing onto train track
Posted by  badge  on 6 days ago

A woman narrowly avoided being killed on a train track when she lost consciousness on a platform.

The heart-stopping moment was captured on the bodycam of one of the police officers who saved her life.

The terrifying incident happened on the New York Subway network during rush hour on Monday.

According to the city’s police department, she suffered an unspecified ‘medical episode’ while walking through a station.

Officers rushed towards her as they noticed she was veering towards the edge of the platform but couldn’t make it in time.

She suffered a heavy fall from the four foot drop onto the concrete ground and steel tracks below.

With a train minutes from speeding through the station, one officer jumped down and managed to drag her upright.

A colleague on the platform helped to pulled her up and they managed to get the passenger to safety before she came to further harm.

Officers happened to be walking behind the woman when she fainted and fell on to the track (Picture: Reuters)
One of the two officers immediately jumped down and managed to get her towards the platform (Picture: Reuters)
The pair were able to drag her up to safety before a train came through the station (Picture: Reuters)

The incident happened around 8:30am at the 95th Street station in the Bay Ridge neighbourhood of Brooklyn.

Footage of the terrifying moment was shared by the New York Police Department online.

Its officers from the 68th Precinct have been praised on social media for their quick actions.

One woman who said she had a chronic condition which causes her to faint wrote: ‘I have always been afraid of this happening to me. But your presence makes us all feel safer.’

Another commented: ‘Great job NYPD, thank goodness you were there at the right time and I hope this civilian is doing all right.’