Man who ‘smashed whipped cream plate on victims’ faces’ hunted by police
Posted by  badge  on Apr 17
Cops are searching for a man accused of using whipped cream to assault multiple people (Picture: Greenville Police Department)

A manhunt is underway for a serial attacker allegedly using whipped cream plates as a weapon.

The unidentified man began smashing plates filled with whipped cream on people’s faces in Greenville, South Carolina, on Wednesday, according to police.

Cops released surveillance camera footage showing a suspect leaning against a wall, holding a plate of whipped cream in one hand and an ‘ammo’ can in the other. He appeared to be grinning.

One of the victims was a woman who was pushing a stroller on the sidewalk with her child. Police are calling the attack that happened in broad daylight around 2.30pm near the Main Stream bridge an assault, according to the .

Police said they got multiple reports of similar attacks throughout the day.

An image released by the Greenville Crime Stoppers showed a dark-skinned male with a dark T-shirt and gray pants, holding whipped cream on a plate.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers.


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