Three people and two dogs rescued after jumping off burning yacht
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All three of the people and their pets made it to shore safely (Picture: AP/Portsmouth New Hampshire Fire Department)

A yacht has been destroyed in a fire sparking a dramatic rescue.

Three people leapt into the water along with two dogs when the 70ft boat went up in flames in the Piscataqua River near Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The fire broke out at 4pm on Saturday and rapidly spread through the vessel.

Fire Chief Todd Germain said: ‘Whatever happened on the boat happened fast, and they had to jump in the water.’

Arthur and Diane Watson, 67 and 57, and Jarrod Tubbs, 33, and their dogs were picked up by another person on a passing private boat.

The trio had noticed black smoke coming from below deck and tried to turn the vessel back to the marina.

However, within minutes the smoke filled the deck and they had no option but to abandon ship, according to.

The massive 72-foot-long boat caught fire around 4pm Saturday (Picture: AP)

The Watsons, from Connecticut, and Mr Tubbs, from Florida, sustained minor injuries and mild hypothermia.

After reaching shore they were taken to a local hospital and have since been released.

Both of the family’s golden doodle dogs were rescued by Marine Patrol and were said to be in a good condition.

The yacht drifted across the state border into Maine where it sank.

The smoke could be seen for miles as the boat sank off the coast of Maine (Picture: AP)

According to State Police, the boat had floated out of the harbor and got caught in the outgoing tide in the early evening hours.

The police department’s Marine Patrol division and the Coast Guard responded within minutes, yet law enforcement was still unable to save the boat.

The cause of the fire has not been determined.